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Brock Osweiler scouting report

Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State #17
Ht: 6’8″

Wt: 240

Impressive height with a strong overall build. Elite athleticism for a quarterback of his size; originally committed to Gonzaga to play basketball before deciding to focus on a football career. A threat to run the ball, and tough to bring down. Consistent accuracy on shorter routes. Strong arm; can make any throw asked of him. A team leader; selected as team captain in 2011 as a junior.
Has a naturally long throwing motion due to his size, but the issue is compounded by an awkward almost sidearm delivery. Motion is also very inconsistent; looks completely different from one throw to the next. Mechanics crumble under pressure; needs to remain calm and maintain his composure in the pocket. Takes a long stride when throwing from the pocket; the stride, coupled with side-arm motion takes away from his height advantage. A good athlete, but kind of awkward when he runs – looks like he doesn’t quite know what to do with all 6’8″ of himself. Tends to lock on to his first read; needs to make significant improvement in his ability to go through his progressions. Accuracy on throws beyond 15 yards is shaky. Limited experience; only one full year as the starter. Decision to turn pro after just one relatively mediocre year raises some questions (is he just in it for the money?) – he has stated it was due to the firing of Arizona State’s coaching staff.
Based purely on potential, there’s a lot to like about Osweiler. His size, athleticism, arm strength and leadership are all pluses, and his accuracy is at least acceptable. In terms of NFL readiness, however, it’s difficult to accept any reason he gives for entering the draft and raises some questions about his motives which teams will need to address during the interview process. There are moments, primarily when given time in the pocket, when Osweiler looks like a future star. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the consistency to warrant a high pick. He would fit best in an organization with a stable situation at quarterback, where he can do nothing but stand on the sidelines and learn for at least the first two years of career. Throwing him into the fire too early could be detrimental to his long-term development.
2011 vs Boise State (bowl game)
2011 vs USC 
2011 vs Illinois 
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