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Josh Robinson scouting report

Josh Robinson CB Central Florida #20
Ht: 5’10”

Wt: 199

Elite speed and overall athleticism. Looks very fluid in his backpedal; quick hips allow him to easily turn and stay step-for-step with receivers. Reasonably solid tackler when he puts in the effort. Has the build to improve tackling with better effort. Does a nice job keeping turning to play the ball. Impressive leaping ability helps make up for lack of height in jump-ball situations. Looks good in zone coverage; does a nice job staying in his zone and keeping eyes on quarterback. Experienced returning kicks.
Tends give a significant cushion to receivers; does not appear to enjoy mixing it up at the line of scrimmage. Not a very physical corner; relies on speed and athleticism. Shies away from contact in run support; only halfheartedly makes an effort to collapse on the ball carrier. Has had some issues fumbling on kick/punt returns.
Robinson is an elite athlete, but he relies too much on his pure speed and agility. The elite corners at the next level are capable of playing physical when necessary, even if they don’t prefer that type of matchup, and Robinson has yet to demonstrate the ability to excel in press coverage. That said, Robinson does have the raw athleticism which you can’t teach, which makes him an intriguing prospect. He could be a valuable asset who may excel in certain matchups against some of the elite deep threats in the league.
2010 vs Georgia (A.J. Green) 
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