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Colts fans, keep your expectations under control

Andrew Luck was impressive in his preseason debut, there’s no denying that. But Indianapolis Colts fans may be taking their praise a little too far.

According to Derek Schultz, who hosts a radio show on WNDE in Indy, callers have talking about a potential trip to the playoffs in 2012, or even a Super Bowl run.

Needless to say, this is absurd. While rookie quarterbacks have taken teams to the playoffs in recent years, they’ve always been along for the ride more so than driving the truck. The Colts, however, are only going as far as Luck takes them – in 2012 and beyond. No matter how great Luck looks in preseason action, he will make mistakes in the regular season and he will cost them some games.

Not that this argument really needs to supported by any evidence, but just in case you’re among those taking Luck’s preseason debut a little too seriously, here’s all you need to know. The first line of an AP article on August 10, 1998 read: “Ryan Leaf didnt look at all like a rattled rookie in his NFL debut. At times, Peyton Manning sure did.”

I rest my case.


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