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Kellen Moore improves, sort of

The Detroit Lions already have a backup quarterback (Shaun Hill) so the interest in Kellen Moore is purely based on his impressive college career. But, nonetheless, people are interested, so here’s the update.

After a dismal showing against the Cleveland Browns, Moore completed 10 of 15 passes against the Ravens on Friday night. At first glance the stats seem to be encouraging, but Moore ran a very conservative version of the Lions offense, rarely throwing the ball more than few yards downfield. He netted just 96 yards through the air, good for a 6.4 yards per attempt rate.

Through his two preseason games, Moore is averaging just 4.69 yards per attempt, a rate which would have ranked dead last in the NFL in 2011 (even Blaine Gabbert averaged 5.36).

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  • Jackie Webb

    Put this kids head in the right place first and he’ll be fine.

  • JLF

    Lets see here. Moore threw for 66% and 96 yards and Shaun Hill threw for what, 52% and 61 yards? Howmany games like that will it take for Hill to be gone and Moore to be the #2 do you think? Keep in mind Moore was throwing to the reserves and recruits. What would it have been if he had the first team?

  • clegg

    Are ALL sportswriters morons? Kellen Moore is not calling his own plays. If he is throwing short passes, it’s because THE COACHING STAFF IS TELLING HIM TO DO SO! I’m not worried about arm strength because Kellen is SMARTER than the other guys.

  • http://mymsn jj-juju

    kellen has the stuff to be a NFL QB. all he needs is some work and getting used to the nfl offense and the nfl defenses. they are a lot quicker and they are all nfl grade players…He will develope into a good QB

  • Joe Stallings

    Since the author of the article was not impressed with Kellen Moore BEFORE the preseason began, it’s awfully self-serving that he would describe Moore’s performance thus far as “dismal”. As compared to, what Ryan? His receivers dropped 3-4 passes in the first start and the pic was with 34 seconds remaining. So Moore lives with the 4 for 14 which could have been 8 for 13. But that’s Moore’s fault, I guess. There’s a reason why he’s still playing and you’re not a GM. Curious if anyone thinks Moore or Hill for that matter would have done better in the game with the Johnson, Young & Pettigrew. But hey, I’m a Kellen Moore fan…who’ still able to remain objective.

  • Kerry Robinson

    It is obvious that those adding comments have a better insight into Kellen Moore’s talent that the “author” (use that generously) of the ‘dismal’ performance article. Take off the blinders Ryan.

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