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Alshon Jeffery loses his temper, again

Chicago Bears 2nd-round Alshon Jeffery was ejected from his final collegiate game for fighting with Nebraska conerback Alfonzo Dennard. On Saturday, in just his second preseason game, he was again mixed up in an altercation with Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Jeffery was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.

Penalties are part of the game, but Jeffery has shown a tendency to lose his cool far too often on the field. The Bears have undoubtedly spoken with him about this issue – likely before they even drafted him. If it continues to be an issue it could affect his playing time.

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  • Justin

    Alshon didn’t even start that fight. I’m glad he ain’t taking no crap from anyone even if he is a rookie. Jeffery was in the right.

  • Jim Martin

    They will eventually stop screwing with him when they know that he won’t take any crap!!

  • Jon

    What a trash story ….. he didn’t do anything wrong… get your facts stright…. he didn’t start it.

  • Opponents will haze him into penalties until he learns to control his temper!

  • Danny

    This article just proves that anyone with a computer can write just about anything they want! No matter how completely idiotic there facts might be….kids done nothing but show up since being drafted!! The fact that he didn’t get pulled from the tells you have much of a talking too he got!

  • Gary

    Here’s what is the person who pucked up this trash story fails to comprehend .
    After being a USC fan for over 2 decades I have closely watched many many subpar WR in WB stadium, destroy any hopes of a winning team in S.C.
    All it takes is to see About 3 passes being thrown to AJ from very very un talanted QB’s to realize you are watching greatness in the making, I have the privilege of watching a special talent in the making. What your mind understands after seeing the 3 rd. pass that is thrown to AJ is this: ( did I just really see this guy catch a pass the Jerry Rice wouldn’t even consider catchable? I have witnessed AJ time after time do things to catch balls (and make it look easy) that if he is in the game, you will win if he is involved in the next play. Go back and .watch this guys regular catches and you quickly see any other WR would have 1/4 the catches he has. Once Cutler realizes that AJ is going to save his career, AJ will get catches, and the bears fans will realize they are not hoping to win anymore, they going to win. Just put it in the same neiborhood , and consider it caught. I ve seem him upside down in mid air catch a ball one handed between the DB’s legs, balls 10 yards off target ‘considered uncatachable) he catches with the greatest of ease.
    So, when a DB starts some infield BS with AJ he is going to put them in there place , there scared, they realize they are about to dominated.

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