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Colt McCoy to start for Browns on Thursday

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has announced that rookie Brandon Weeden will sit on Thursday, giving the nod for the final preseason game to Colt McCoy.

The Browns announced weeks ago that Weeden was the starter, and typically starting quarterbacks sit out the final preseason game. But Weeden isn’t your typical starter. He’s struggled the past two preseason games and many fans were hoping to see Weeden get a few more reps under his belt before the season opener.

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    It will be interesting not only to see how well McCoy can do against the Bears, but to see how well Weeden can do against the Eagles opening day. He looked scared in their preseason match up.

  • AW

    I can’t imagine Coach Shurmur doing anything to make McCoy look goos. When Weeden has started, he has 4 or 5 scripted p,lays, which is typical. Let’s see if McCoy gets a nice set of plays to start the game.

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