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Terrance Williams scouting report

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Terrance Williams WR Baylor #2
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 201

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Size/Athleticism: Prototypical height and overall build for an outside receiver. Great body control when working the sideline. Knows how to use his size to put himself in position to win the battle for jump balls. Gives a decent effort as a blocker and has the size to continue to improve. More dangerous with the ball in his hands than he gets credit for. Speed definitely isn’t elite, but he can make some guys miss and will break off some long runs.

Separation Skills: Limited straight-line speed. Doesn’t have that extra gear to lose defensive backs with his pure speed. Route running skills are fairly basic. Baylor offense didn’t require a complicated route tree. He ran a lot of go routes and curls in colleges and benefited from Baylor’s spread offense. He won’t consistently break free on the same routes at the next level. When running slightly more complicated routes, he doesn’t display the quickness in his breaks to consistently fool corners at the next level.

Ball Skills: Fairly reliable hands, but he’ll drop some easy ones when trying to turn up-field before securing the ball. Shows the ability to catch with his hands, but gets lazy and lets it get into his body at times. Tracks the deep ball and is able to adjust while it’s in the air. Does a nice job on jump balls, which should make him a quality red zone target. Tracks the ball and times his leap well and shows good body control when coming down along the sideline.

Intangibles: 5th year senior who will be a 24-year-old rookie.

Durability: Missed one game with an ankle injury in 2011.

Comments: Williams looks like a future solid No. 2 option in an NFL offense. He clearly has some physical limitations and he doesn’t do enough of the little things to make up for them. But he has fairly reliable hands and as he improves his route running he should be a reliable possession receiver on the outside. He’ll need some time to learn how to perfect NFL routes, but could contribute immediately in certain situations due to his size and ability to go up and fight for the ball in jump ball situations.

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