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Mike Glennon scouting report

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Mike Glennon QB N.C. State #8
Ht: 6’6″
Wt: 220

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Size/Athleticism: Impressive height. Can stand tall in the pocket and easily see the whole field. Somewhat skinny, but has shown he can take some hits. Below average athleticism. Not a threat to run. A very awkward athlete who doesn’t have the fluid mobility to avoid the pass rusher or move well within the pocket. Does not look comfortable throwing on the run. When forced to move out of the pocket he struggles to quickly get his body into a throwing position.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Elite arm strength, can make any throw asked of him. Displays excellent touch on his passes when given time in the pocket. He has a rocket launcher arm, but but knows how to take something off to drop it in over coverage. Accuracy is adequate when he has time to set his feet and throw. But when pressured, his accuracy becomes shaky.

Footwork/Release: No issues when he has time to throw, but when pressured his mechanics break down. When pressured, his movements are awkward and he struggles making the adjustments to throw in tight spaces when he’s limited by bodies around him. He throws too many balls with unnecessary arm-angle adjustments and awkward foot positioning which almost always leads to inaccurate passes.

Decision making: Fairly developed in this area of the game. Shaky offensive line forced him to develop quick decision-making skills. He’s usually patient in the pocket and doesn’t panic at the first sign of pressure. He appears to be able to handle pre-snap reads without any issues, but he struggles to quickly pick up defensive adjustments after the snap.

Intangibles: Glennon comes across as an intelligent player who made noticeable strides during his two years as a starter. Older brother Sean played quarterback at Virginia Tech and spent time with the Vikings during the 2009 offseason.

Durability: No known issues.

Comments: Due to his raw skills Glennon has a very high ceiling, but it’s clear that it will take a lot of work to get there. Glennon’s lack of mobility, coupled with his decision-making skills, will make for a very difficult transition to the NFL if he’s thrown into the fire too early. Defensive coordinators will have no problem confusing Glennon by bringing blitzes from different areas of the field and disguising their coverage. However, Glennon appears to be an intelligent player who may be able to make the necessary adjustments in time. He clearly has the arm strength, touch and accuracy to be an adequate starter once he develops the mental aspect of the game.

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