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Eddie Lacy scouting report

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Eddie Lacy RB Alabama #42
Ht: 5’11”
Wt: 220

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Size/Athleticism: Elite size. Strong enough to take a pounding and can definitely be a feature back at the next level. Above average athleticism for his size, but definitely not a consistent big-play threat.

Vision: Really impressive vision for a running back of his size. Many bigger backs hit the hole like a bulldozer and just try to plow through, but Lacy knows when he can make himself small and slide through tight spots to pick extra yardage. He consistently makes the right decision in terms in where to go and when to explode through the hole.

Power: The definition of a downhill runner. Consistently lowers his shoulder into the defender and picks up the extra tough yardage. Very powerful legs that he keeps churning at all times. He consistently runs through arm tackles and frequently requires multiple defenders to bring him down.

Speed/Agility: Surprisingly quick considering his size. Has shown the footwork to make guys miss in the open field. Decent speed. He isn’t a true home run threat, but he is fast enough to bounce some runs outside and pick up chucks of yardage. Much more than just a pure bulldozer; he mixes in jukes and spins moves and attempts to avoid contact when possible.

Passing Game: Lack of elite athleticism makes him only an average receiver, but he does have the hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and can be an asset. Gives a solid effort in pass protection, but needs to refine his fundamentals. Consistently gets into position and slows down the pass-rusher, but doesn’t have the ability to sustain the block.

Intangibles: A true team player. Excelled in a reserve role early in his career and contributed on special teams.

Durability: Missed time with a toe injury in 2011. Had toe surgery following 2011 season and missed spring practice. Slowed by an ankle injury in 2012.

Comments: Lacy doesn’t quite have the athleticism to be an elite prospect, but he definitely has the skills to be an effective starting running back in the league. He’s a powerful downhill runner and would be extremely effective in a dual-back system with a smaller, change-of-pace back to share the load. My only concern with Lacy is his weight. It hasn’t been an issue in the past, but as  he ages, how quickly will he put on bad weight and how hard will he work to keep it off? As soon as he loses that burst that makes him more than just a short-yardage back, his value will drop considerably.

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