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Joseph Randle scouting report

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Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma #1
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 200

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Size/Athleticism: One of the more explosive prospects in this class. Slightly undersized, but big enough to occasionally lower his shoulder into a defensive back. He’s a threat to take it to the house on any given play.

Vision: Appears to have decent vision, but he played in an offense that tends to create wide running lanes. He likes to bounce to the outside whenever possible, and he’ll make some poor decisions in an effort to get outside. He rips off a lot of long runs, but his desire to get outside also gets him caught in the backfield a decent amount.

Power: Willing to run between the tackles and doesn’t shy away from contact, but definitely not a power runner. He’ll occasionally take on a a defensive back if the right opportunity presents itself, but he tends to go down on contact. However, he does build up speed quickly and he’s shifty enough to avoid many head-on collisions, so he’s typically able to fall forward for an extra yard or two.

Speed/Agility: Impressive change-of-direction ability. Very shifty in tight spaces. He can run between the tackles and make himself small enough to slide through holes. Has the speed of a true home run hitter. He hits the hole hard and gets up to full speed quickly.

Passing Game: A playmaker in the passing game. Occasionally lined up wide or in the slot and caught a number of balls out of the backfield. Soft, reliable hands. Secures the ball quickly and turns up field. Elite in pass protection for a guy his size. Gives a strong effort and clearly takes pride in his blocking ability. Combination of ability in pass pro and as a receiver makes him an ideal third-down back.

Intangibles: Nothing positive or negative of note.

Durability: No known issues.

Comments: Randle is a prototypical third down back and should be able to contribute immediately in that capacity. However, he shows very little upside beyond that role. His lack of power limits his effectiveness as an every-down back and his speed will be most dangerous when used in small doses. He’s a nice complementary piece, but nothing more.

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