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Chance Warmack scouting report

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Chance Warmack OG Alabama #65
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 317

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Size/Athleticism: Impressive size and strength, but a little on the sloppy side in terms of how he carries his weight. He will need to keep his weight under control, because he’s limited in his athleticism already.

Pass Protection: Quicker defenders can get past him. He’ll get a good punch in a guy slipping past, but he will allow some more athletic interior linemen to get into the backfield. Does a really nice job staying low and using leverage against bull rushers. Very few bull rushers are able to walk him back into the backfield. Considering his strength, it’s surprisingly how rarely he finishes off his blocks. Doesn’t take a lot of guys down to the ground. Delivers a strong pop to pass rushers, which can knock some smaller defenders off balance enough to take then out of the play.

Run Blocking: Dominant run blocker in short-yardage situations. When the defensive lineman is lined up over top of him, he can drive them back and take them out of the play. Very limited in his lateral movement. Not real quick. Often slow to get to his assignment at the second level or when pulling. Technique gets sloppy at times when he’s on the move and struggles to get into an ideal blocking position. Lunges too often and tends to get grabby.

Intangibles: Scouts have questioned his intelligence. Conditioning might be an issue, he gets sloppy late in some games and on extended drives.

Durability: No known issues.

Comments: The only thing standing between Warmack and greatness is himself. If he stays in shape and avoids getting sloppy and lazy on the field, he will be a dominant interior lineman in the NFL. That said, rarely do players improve their work ethic and intensity once they start picking up paychecks. Warmack is definitely a first round talent and should be a quality starter, but I would be concerned about spending a top-10 pick on a player that doesn’t always play like he wants to be great.

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