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Arthur Brown scouting report

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Arthur Brown LB Kansas State #4
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 241

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Size/Athleticism: Slightly undersized but makes up for it with his athleticism. Elite quickness and agility to excel in coverage and has the speed to close quickly on the ball carrier.

Run Defense: Typically plays off the line of scrimmage to avoid engaging in blocks. Stays patient in his space but then closes with an impressive burst when he diagnoses the play. A very patient linebacker who stays in his zone and rarely commits too early or misreads a play. Vision is his best asset as he needs to weave through traffic without engaging with a blocker. Reliable wrap-up tackler but also a hard hitter. Extremely explosive and can build up steam in a short distance to lay out a running back.

Pass Rush: Rarely used as a pass-rusher. He can occasionally catch the offensive line off guard and slip through on a delayed blitz up the middle or sneak by unblocked off the edge, but he won’t provide a consistent pass rush. He’s strictly a coverage linebacker, who can be used on a sneak attack a few times per game.

Coverage: Elite in man coverage. Has the speed and agility to stick with any tight end or linebacker, and even some receivers. However, he lacks the height to match up with some possession tight ends. He can be a liability in coverage in the red zone when matched up with tight ends that have a four or five inch advantage. Diagnostic skills in zone coverage could use some work. He’s often a step late to react, but definitely has the ability to improve in this area with more experience.

Intangibles: Two-time team captain. Older brother of Eagles running back Bryce Brown. Named in the allegations against Miami by booster Nevin Shapiro for receiving impermissible benefits. Transferred to Kansas State after 2009 season.

Durability: Missed Senior Bowl due to shoulder injury.

Comments: Brown is the type of athlete that many teams are going to start to look for to help slow down the read-option offense. He’s a true sideline-to-sideline defender who can play in either the 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. In a 3-4 he’s strictly an inside linebacker. In the 4-3 he can play the middle or weak-side position. He may receive a range of grades depending on the scheme, but any team looking for an elite athlete in coverage and against today’s evolving offenses, Brown should receive a first-round grade.

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