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Matt Scott scouting report

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Matt Scott QB Arizona #10
Ht: 6’2″ Wt: 213

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Size/Athleticism: Adequate height, but it is an issue at times. Gets a fair number of balls batted down at the line of scrimmage. Above average athleticism, but needs to learn how to use it.  He makes a lot of plays out of the pocket, but only when it’s designed.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Arm isn’t elite but definitely strong enough. When he has room to step into the throw, he can make any throw on the field. However, he does lack the elite strength to make the same throws when off-balance or on the run. Overall, his accuracy percentage is solid, but when he misses, he’s way off the mark. Especially when under pressure, he uncorks some wild throws which will undoubtedly lead to more interceptions at the next level.

Footwork/Release: When given time, everything about his mechanics is fine. But when he’s pressured, or even when he thinks he’s about to be pressured, his mechanics break down. He definitely knows the proper footwork and mechanics, but he simply panics too often. He rushes his delivery and throws from an open or unbalanced stance far too often.

Decision making: He’s easily flustered by pressure, and when a team is bringing consistent pressure he starts to hear phantom footsteps and rushes his delivery. Compared to the public perception of Rich Rodriguez offense, Arizona’s scheme in 2012 was a fairly close resemblance of what we’re seeing in the NFL these days. Scott was asked to make a variety of throws and demonstrated an adequate ability to read the defense pre- and post-snap. His biggest issue in decision making is an inability to focus on pass-rushers and his receivers down the field. He often stands in the pocket too long, and when does he leaves the pocket he doesn’t keep his eyes downfield consistently. It seems to simply be an issue with multitasking – something which comes with experience.

Intangibles: Only 17 career starts; backed up Nick Foles until his senior year.

Durability: Missed a game in 2012 with a concussion. But he’s a tough player who took a pounding in 2012 behind a porous offensive line.

Comments: Scott is an intriguing developmental prospect as a potential read-option quarterback. Physically, he’s a shorter version of Colin Kaepernick and could potentially develop into that type of quarterback in the right system. However, he is definitely raw due to his limited experience and is not capable of stepping into a starting role in 2013. He should be viewed strictly as a Day 3 developmental prospect.

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