Kenny Vaccaro scouting report

Kenny Vaccaro S Texas #4
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 214

Size/Athleticism: Has the size and athleticism to be a versatile safety. He could easily play strong or free safety.

Coverage: Capable of lining up over receivers in the slot. Takes a lot of false steps in man coverage. His backpedal is sloppy making him susceptible to subtle moves by the receiver. Takes himself out of too many plays, especially in zone coverage by turning his back on the quarterback. His overall awareness as a center fielder is disappointing.

Ball skills: He’s not the ideal ball hawk free safety. He can battle for a  jump ball when he’s in position, but he is inconsistent in his ability read the quarterback and put himself in position to play the ball.

Run support: Slow reaction time when diagnosing run vs pass. He seems to lack that quick decision-making ability that some would call “instincts”.  Usually a reliable tackler, but he’s also a hard hitter and sometimes he’ll miss a tackle by being overaggressive. Doesn’t always take great angles in pursuit. He’s overaggressive and will over-pursue the ball carrier and times, making himself easily susceptible  to cut backs.

Intangibles: Arrested for a fight in 2009. Also arrested in 2012 for failing to obey a police officer’s order.

Durability: Suffered a season-ending knee injury as a senior in high school but has remained healthy in college.

Comments: Vaccaro is an interesting prospect due to his versatility. I like him more as a strong safety because I question his ability to play center field in the free safety role. I love the way he flies to the football, but he’s just a step slow in his diagnosis which will stand out more at the next level. His ability to line up over receivers in the slot made him an asset in college, but his lack of fundamentals and his modest athleticism will make him a liability in that area in the NFL.

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