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Kenny Stills scouting report

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Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma #4
Ht: 6’1″
Wt: 194

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Size/Athleticism: Decent height. He’s somewhat skinny, but has the frame to put on some weight. Straight-line speed make him an effective deep threat. Doesn’t make many plays after the catch. Goes down on contact, or avoids it all together by stepping out of bounds.

Separation Skills: A deep threat on the outside. Lazy in his breaks. He rounds off his cuts and isn’t very quick. He plays as though he would rather go deep on every play and doesn’t want to get the ball when he’s going across the middle.

Ball Skills: Very inconsistent adjusting to the ball in the air. Doesn’t give much of an effort in traffic, he seems to shy away from battling for the ball. Needs to learn how to go up and pluck the ball rather than waiting for it to come to him. He plays like a typical prima donna receiver who wants to hit home runs but doesn’t want to put forth the effort to contribute on less glamorous plays. However, he has shown the ability on occasion  Basically, when he’s motivated he can make the plays, but good luck convincing him to do so on a regular basis. Drops far too many easy passes.

Intangibles: Arrested on a DUI charge in 2011. Trash talks a lot on the field. Gets visibly upset with his quarterback after poor throws. Uncle Gary Stills played linebacker for the Chiefs and Ravens.

Durability: Missed a game with concussion in 2011.

Comments: Stills has the talent of a potential No. 1 receiver but he’s inconsistent and his lack of effort raises a major red flag. Add in some off-field concerns, and he will likely fall down draft boards. Most teams would rather gamble on a player with lesser talent than bring in a prospect who didn’t show a consistent effort in college. You can teach technique, but you can’t teach effort. Players either want to be great, or they don’t – it’s entirely up to them. And it is incredibly rare for a player who lacks effort in college to suddenly turn it on once he’s collecting an NFL paycheck.

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