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Aaron Murray scouting report

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Aaron Murray QB Georgia #11
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 207

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Size/Athleticism: Undersized. Lacks ideal height and bulk is only average. Gets the ball batted down at the line too often. Seems to struggle to see over linemen at times and has made some bad screen passes because he appear to not see a defender. Mobility is far from special, but he’s capable of moving with the pocket.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Arm strength is definitely lacking, and the ball tends to wobble a little too often as it comes out. He can get the ball down the field, but it hangs in the air a little too long—NFL safeties will close those gaps quickly and he’ll pay the price. Accuracy is an asset at all levels. Doesn’t throw the deep ball on a rope, but the timing of his throws is consistent. Fits the ball into tight windows on the intermediate routes. Timing is strong and consistently leads his receivers.

Footwork/Release: Does a nice job stepping up in the pocket to elude pass-rushers while keeping his eyes downfield. Very fluid movements in the pocket. Looks comfortable and convincing on his pump fakes, and effortlessly puts himself back in position to make a throw. Consistently throws from a sturdy base and displays good weight transfer. Has a consistent, quick release.

Decision making: Seems to know his limitations in terms of arm strength. He doesn’t usually test the defense down the field when a clear window isn’t there. Does a nice job looking off his receiver to draw defensive backs away from his primary target.

Intangibles: A true team leader who was loved by coaches and well respected by his teammates. Has all the intangibles you could ask for in a quarterback.

Durability: Suffered a torn ACL at the end of his senior year.


Comments: Murray has been among the most successful college quarterbacks in recent years but skills don’t necessarily translate well to the NFL. His leadership and football intelligence makes him a prime candidate to carve out a long career as a backup, but his upside is very limited beyond that. He reminds of me a less mobile version of Colt McCoy.

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