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Mike Evans scouting report

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Mike Evans WR Texas A&M #13
Ht: 6’5″
Wt: 225

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Size/Athleticism: Elite size and strength. Has the ability to fight for the ball in traffic. Blend of size and speed makes him surprisingly dangerous after the catch.

Separation Skills: Evans’ route running at A&M was limited almost exclusively to go routes which resulted in Manziel tossing up a jump ball. He definitely doesn’t have the speed or agility to consistently shake defenders but his ability to win jump balls makes that almost irrelevant. He’s shown the ability to fight through press coverage and he has enough speed to make defenders pay when they try to jam him at the line of scrimmage. When he develops his skills as an intermediate route runner, Evans will be elite in this area.

Ball Skills: Evans will drop some easy ones, likely due to a lack of focus in certain situations. But his ability to fight for the ball in traffic is elite. He knows how to use his size to box out defenders and fight for the best positioning. He shows excellent body control along the sidelines.

Intangibles: Very emotional player. Loses his cool on the field at times (see Jan. 2014 game vs Duke).

Durability: No known issues.


Comments: Evans has a rare complement of tools that you simply can’t teach. His blend of size and athleticism makes him extremely dangerous down the field. In terms of his ability to win jump balls, he’s comparable to Vincent Jackson or Alshon Jeffery. Evans will be pigeonholed by some as a deep threat and a possession receiver, but one of his most underrated qualities is his ability after the catch. In five charted games, Evans averaged 9.3 yards after the catch. By comparison, in charted games, Sammy Watkins averaged 10.1. Depending on the type of receiver teams are looking for, a strong case can be made that Evans is the best in this class.

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