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Teddy Bridgewater scouting report

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Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville #5
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 214

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Size/Athleticism: Height is adequate, although a notch below the ideal size for a pocket passer. Definitely lacks the bulk you’d like to see from a quarterback. He appears skinny, which raises some concern as to his long-term durability. However, he also clearly has the frame to add some weight. Listed at 185 in high school, so he’s obviously put in the work to gain weight and should continue to do so once he’s working with NFL trainers, nutritionists, etc. Athleticism is decent, but he’s definitely not a run-first quarterback. Capable of moving within the pocket and is a threat to run if he’s given space.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Accuracy is one of his best assets. His accuracy holds up even when his mechanics are altered by a collapsing pocket or when he’s forced to rush a throw. Maintains his accuracy and decent arm strength when throwing on the run. Accuracy on short and intermediate routes is elite. Deep ball accuracy is adequate, but not special. Does a great job adjusting the touch on his passes to give his receivers catchable passes. He isn’t the type of quarterback that plays at full speed all the time, and is more than capable of slowing it down when the situation allows to make life easier on his receivers. Has shown the ability throw to the full route tree, unlikely many college quarterbacks who rely heavily on more basic routes such as comebacks and screens.

Footwork/Release: Great footwork in the pocket. Moves very fluidly within the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield. Release is nearly flawless. He consistently stays balanced, shows perfect weight transfer and gets the most out his release to maximize his arm strength.

Decision making: Does a great job staying patient and going through his progressions. He has the ability to run, but he has always been a pocket passer first. Rarely forces throws into tight coverage and has shown he’s willing to check down when the deep options aren’t there.

Intangibles: Fairly quiet and isn’t your typical vocal leader that some coaches will prefer at quarterback. But he’s patient, calm and has the traits that translate well to performance under pressure.

Durability: No known issues.

Comments: Bridgewater lacks the physical traits to put him into an elite category, but he is a smart, patient quarterback who is easily the most NFL-ready in this draft class. I wouldn’t draft Bridgewater with expectations of an Andrew Luck-type immediate impact but he’s capable of starting right away and being a quality starter in the league for the next 10+ years. One concern that’s raised by his performance that only NFL teams will be able to address is his leadership. He’s very quite and appears almost too calm on the field. It’s tough to judge a trait like that from afar, so it’s something that NFL execs and coaches will need to question both him and his Louisville coaching staff on to get a better idea for how his intangibles will be able to shape their locker room.

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