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Brett Smith Scouting Report

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Brett Smith QB Wyoming #16
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 206

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Size/Athleticism: Adequate height but he’s skinny. Needs to add some weight in order to help prevent injuries. His style of play, which is very similar to Johnny Manziel, will be tough to handle in the NFL with his current build. Capable of extending the play and also picking up chunks of yardage on the ground.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Arm strength is adequate when he sets his feet and follows through with proper weight transfer. Many of throws appear to lack velocity, but it all stems back to mechanics. Accuracy is strong when he’s set and remains solid when he’s on the move. Considering his poor mechanics, his accuracy is impressive and gives reason to hope it can become a real strength once he’s ironed out some of the issues with his mechanics.

Footwork/Release: Throws the football like a dart. It’s an odd throwing motion, but it is a quick release. Has happy feet in the pocket. Dance around a lot and doesn’t always get  his feet back into position for a throw with solid mechanics, which takes something off his velocity.

Decision making: Has improved his willingness to keep his eyes downfield but he’s still mostly a run-first quarterback. Needs to become more patient and comfortable in a collapsing pocket without bailing at the first sign of pressure. Seems to have a good grasp on the types of throws he’s capable of making—doesn’t force the ball into tight spaces. Does tend to throw the ball up for grabs a lot down the field and simply didn’t have the playmaker to bail him out.

Intangibles: A tough competitor with all the on-field traits that Manziel is praised for. Dad played football at Oregon.

Durability: Missed two games with a concussion in 2012.


Comments: Smith hasn’t proven himself against top competition and his mechanics are all out of whack. But he plays a Johnny Manziel style of football and gap between the two is not nearly as large as mainstream media would have you believe. Smith’s mechanical flaws are all fixable and if he’s committed to making changes and developing as a player, he has a bright future. Given a choice between Manziel in the top 10 or Smith on Day 3, it’s an easy decision: give me Smith every time.

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