Carlos Hyde scouting report

Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State #34
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 230


Size/Athleticism:¬†Prototypical size for a workhorse running back. Has the size/speed combo of a traditional feature back, but not as many teams are looking for these types in today’s game.

Vision: He finds holes at the line of scrimmage and does a great job of always picking a spot to at least get something. Doesn’t always see the second hole open up at the second level once he fights through the line. Needs to show more awareness when the hole closes and show a willingness to bounce runs to the outside.

Power: A tough runner between the tackles. Willing to lower his shoulder into a defender and is capable of bouncing off would-be tacklers who don’t wrap him up. Really tough to knock backwards. He builds up ¬†speed quickly and once his momentum is moving forward, you’re not going to send him back. Falls forward after almost every tackle.

Speed/Agility: Despite running a 4.66 at the combine, his straight-line speed is perfectly adequate. He’ll get caught from behind sometimes, but he’s capable of picking up chunks of yardage when he finds the hole. He doesn’t really make guys miss, which means he takes a ton of hits. He’ll occasionally sidestep a lineman at the line if scrimmage, but he rarely puts together a string of moves to break free. He has very quick footwork, which allows him to be effective in tight spaces. However, he lacks the change-of-direction ability to really be dangerous in space.

Passing Game: A strong blocker. Doesn’t have a ton of experience catching passes, but usually hauled one in once or twice per game as a senior. Never a feature in the passing game, but capable of being a checkdown option. Lacks the ability in space to be a real threat in the passing game, but he has reliable hands and he’ll make an impact a few times per game.

Intangibles: Suspended for an altercation in a club prior to his senior year, but no charges were filed.

Durability: Missed two games with an ankle injury in 2012


Comments: 20 years ago Hyde probably would have been a first round lock, but the game has evolved and there isn’t as much interest in a pure downhill runner. He’s been compared to Eddie Lacy due to their similar size, but he just doesn’t make guys like the way Lacy does. A better comparison for Hyde may be a bigger version of Mark Ingram. Hyde is strictly a downhill runner with a bowling ball style. He could certainly start for some teams and be effective, but he isn’t a difference maker. A better role for him in today’s NFL is probably as a situational

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