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Charles Sims Scouting Report

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Charles Sims RB West Virginia #3
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 214

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Size/Athleticism: Adequate size and overall build. He’s capable of taking a hit, but doesn’t break a ton of tackles. Speed is decent but he lacks the second gear to run away from people and leave them in his dust.

Vision: Questionable vision as he attacks the hole. Tends to take the ball and simply plow full speed ahead at the designed hole, without assessing the situation or seeing the movement around him. Misses a lot of opportunities due to this style and consistently gets swallowed up because he doesn’t anticipate his next move.

Power: Very little power between the tackles. Doesn’t consistently run low and will get knocked backwards.

Speed/Agility: Breakaway speed is adequate but not special. Flashes the ability to make guys miss in the open field with some flashes moves. While he can make moves to avoid a would-be tackler he doesn’t make the same moves at the line of scrimmage to burst through holes. He has quick footwork, but he doesn’t have the burst to explode through holes.

Passing Game: Tons of experience as a receiver out of the backfield due to the offenses in which he played. Sometimes lined up out wide often for screens but occasionally will run routes downfield. Hands aren’t great. Technique is very shaky, lets the ball come into his chest on most receptions. Hands are tiny—only one running back at the combine had smaller hands. Blocking is a liability—gets the job done when he’s in position, but he’s slow to diagnose.

Intangibles: Will be a 24-year-old rookie. Transferred from Houston to play with coach Dana Holgorsen.

Durability: Plenty of experience and remained durable throughout his career, but he enters the league with 795 touches already under his belt.


Comments: Sims is a flashy player who made some big plays in an offense that was designed to produce such performances. However, his vision is limited and he doesn’t have the tools to be a feature back as a result. His ability to make guys miss in space and his experience as a receiver out of the backfield makes him a strong candidate to be a third-down back at the next level.

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