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Lache Seastrunk Scouting Report

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Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor #25
Ht: 5’9″
Wt: 201

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Size/Athleticism: Lacks the ideal size for a workhorse running back. Could probably benefit from adding a few pounds of muscle to help with injury prevention. Speed and athleticism are decent, but definitely not special for an undersized running back. He lacks the explosive burst to make up for his inability to be consistently effective between the tackles.

Vision: Overaggressive in his pursuit of the big play. He sees holes that are there, but he bites off more than his legs can chew. Needs to settle for whats given him more often, rather try to expose the defense on the outside. He makes decisions with his cuts that only Barry Sanders could come through on and needs to retrain himself based on his own ability.

Power: Very little power to move the pile or break wrap-up tackles, but he is capable of running between the tackles due to his quick footwork. He’s the type that avoids contact and once he’s wrapped up he goes down, and is often knocked backward.

Speed/Agility: He’s shifty when running between the tackles and capable of making guys miss in the open field, but he isn’t elite in these areas when compared to other running backs who will fill the same role as him at the next level. Loves to start and stop to throw defenders off balance, but he lacks the burst out of these moves to really excel and too many linebackers at the next level will recover and shut him down immediately. Does a great job running with balance and making slight shifts to avoid reaching arms, but just doesn’t have the type of moves to juke a defender out of his shoes, which you need to be an elite player at his size.

Passing Game: Almost no experience as a receiver. Zero receptions in 2013 and just nine in 2012. Limited experience staying in the backfield to block, except on play action. Relies on the chop block. Lacks the lower body strength to anchor.

Intangibles: Transferred to Baylor after a year at Oregon. A very interesting character with a personality that will remind some of Clinton Portis.

Durability: Missed time with a groin injury in 2013. Suffered a pulled hamstring in 2012.


Comments: Seastrunk can contribute as a change-of-pace back, but he lacks the elite quickness and ability to make guys miss to excel in an expanded role. It would be nice to see him add some weight to help him become more balanced, because he simply lacks the explosion to excel in the NFL at his current size. A guy his size with no experience catching the ball and no experience on special teams has very little value. He has potential, but may struggle to make a roster if he doesn’t make strides in those areas early in training camp.

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