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Devonta Freeman Scouting Report

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Devonta Freeman RB Florida State #8
Ht: 5’8″
Wt: 206

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Size/Athleticism: Short and lacks ideal bulk. Not a tough runner and easy to bring down. Extremely explosive. Hits holes with a burst and gets to full speed exceptionally quickly. Shows great balance when moving at full speed.

Vision: Great vision running between the tackles. And maintains his vision when moving at full speed. Does a great job making adjustments on the move—doesn’t just pick a hole at hit it with his head down. He’s patient and waits for his lead blockers.

Power: Almost no power and breaks very few tackles. Builds up some momentum when he’s moving at full speed, so he’ll run through some week arm tackles but he generally goes down on first contact.

Speed/Agility: Impressive balance. Capable of stringing together multiple moves while maintaining balance and momentum. Start and stop ability ranks among the best in this class and somewhat resembles Darren Sproles. Didn’t time exceptionally well at the combine, but he clearly has the athleticism and speed on the field.

Passing Game: Gives a strong effort as a blocker and doesn’t immediately resort to the chop block. Stays low and can use leverage to take on bigger pass-rushers. Reliable hands. Occasionally lined up out wide.

Intangibles: Nothing positive or negative of note.

Durability: Played through a back injury. Did not miss any time, but back injuries are always concerning because they tend to linger. Has a well-filled out frame, but he’s still undersized which always raises some concern about durability in the long run.


Comments: It’s tough to see Devonta Freeman emerging as a starter in the NFL because he simply lacks the power to run between the tackles consistently. But his vision and quickness makes him a dangerous threat. He’s sort of a poor man’s Darren Sproles and should be capable of filling the change-of-pace role in a backfield getting 8-12 touches per game.

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