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Jeremy Hill Scouting Report

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Jeremy Hill RB LSU #33
Ht: 6’1″
Wt: 233

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Size/Athleticism: Prototypical size for a workhorse running back. Adequate athleticism for his size. Has the speed to break off some longer runs and will occasionally make guys miss in the open field. Likes to attempt to jump over defenders and has made a few highlight reel plays as a result.

Vision: Not as patient as you’d like to see from a guy who lacks the quickness to create open space for himself. He runs up the back of lead blockers, and misses out on some opportunities.

Power: Keeps his legs churning and is capable of pushing the pile. Easily runs through arm tackles. Doesn’t break as many tackles as you’d expect for his size. Balance is just so-so, and he struggles to spin out of tackles and goes down on contact too often.

Speed/Agility: Hits the hole with a decent initial burst. Doesn’t make guys miss in tight spaces—just too big and doesn’t have very quick feet. Balance is poor. Gets tripped up too easily and lacks the balance and quick footwork to catch himself and keep moving. Start and stop ability is below average, even for a bigger back. He moves reasonably well once he’s on the go, but he just doesn’t have the quick footwork and balance to stop on a dime and cut.

Passing Game: Can be an asset as a blocker. Strong enough to anchor against some edge-rushers and does a lot more than just chop block like many backs. Adequate hands displayed in limited opportunities. Looks awkward adjusting to poorly placed balls. Doesn’t have great body control.

Intangibles: Huge character red flags. Arrested on sexual assault charges in 2011 and delayed enrollment to LSU for a year as a result. Arrested again in 2013 for a fight outside a night club, which violated his probation from the initial arrest. Originally suspended indefinitely (returned after missing one game). Reportedly still on probation through 2015.

Durability: Extremely durable through his two years as starter.


Comments: Hill is right on the fringe of having starter potential, but his history of arrests probably knocks him off a few draft boards. His size is intriguing, and it stands out in the class filled with undersized backs. However, he’s sort of a ‘tweener. He doesn’t have the dominant strength to be successful as a guy who just plows ahead (like Brandon Jacobs) and he doesn’t have the blend of size and quickness to be a well-rounded workhorse (like Michael Turner). Hill will probably be most effective sharing the workload with a chance-of-pace back, and could develop into a solid short-yardage option.

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