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Greg Robinson Scouting Report

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Greg Robinson OT Auburn #73
Ht: 6’5″
Wt: 332

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Size/Athleticism: Doesn’t quite have the height of many elite left tackles, but he more than makes up for it with a blend of strength and athleticism. Moves exceptionally well for his size and makes some downfield blocks that you just don’t see from players with his body type.

Pass Protection: Shockingly quick feet for a lineman with his size and general body build. Quick out of his stance off the snap. Slides outside effortlessly and is rarely beat off the snap by edge-rushers. Initial punch is devastating and can knock an edge-rusher off his path even when he’s beat off the snap. Upper body strength is impressive and he can handle smaller pass rushers even when he’s beat and slightly off balance. Plays with impressive balance and rarely lunges as defenders unless it’s a necessary last-ditch effort. Due to Auburn’s offensive scheme, doesn’t have a ton of experience in pass-protection with the quarterback standing in the pocket. Still learning how to diagnose and adjust to defensive shifts and delayed blitzes.

Run Blocking: An absolute mauler as a run blocker. Gets low and uses his raw strength and great leverage to easy direct defensive lineman any way he wants and often drives them to the ground. He does more than just open up holes, he finishes off his assignment. His ability to get to the second level is impressive for a man of his size. He doesn’t just get to the second level, he does so quickly and efficiently. Shows a strong understanding of his assignment on each player and rarely gets caught out of position when blocking on the move.

Intangibles: Did not play offensive line until his junior year of high school, giving him five years of experience at the position. Third-year sophomore.

Durability: No known issues.


Comments: Robinson is a truly special prospect who not only excels in every aspect of the game but has the ability to dominate. There are absolutely no glaring flaws in his game and his only real weakness is limited experience. The rate at which he has developed, and the strides he showed from his sophomore to junior year, give plenty of reason to believe he will continue to grow as a player and play at a high level for a long time. With his raw talent and successes thus far, the only thing that can prevent him from being an elite player at the next level would be injuries or a serious drop off in his work ethic.

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