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Antonio Richardson Scouting Report

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Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee #74
Ht: 6’6″
Wt: 336

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Size/Athleticism: Massive frame and has the ability to swallow up defenders. Surprising quickness for his size and is capable of getting to the second level.

Pass Protection: Fundamentally sound. Quick out of his stance and his impressively quick footwork when sliding outside considering his size. Has long, strong arms and can lunge after an edge-rusher who gains a step on him and still throw him off balance enough to recover. Shows impressive awareness and seems to diagnose blitzes before the snap. Adjusts quickly to stunts on the line and delayed blitzes from the second level. Struggles to stop the second effort if the lineman is able to disengage from the block.

Run Blocking: Quick out of his stance and delivers a devastating initial punch. Easily drives his man back and finishes off blocks. Takes proper angles and shows good awareness when getting to the second level, but lacks the mobility to react in space. If he isn’t beat off the first step, he’ll win the battle but he does get beat by the elite athletes (Clowney had a few plays where he was simply too quick off the snap for Richardson to handle).

Intangibles: Two-year starter at left tackle. Transferred high schools due to academic reasons.

Durability: Underweight knee surgery in 2013.


Comments: Richardson has all the tools that  you can’t teach. It’s easy to notice his size, but his quick footwork and balance is just as important and impressive considering his size. He definitely has some flaws in technique and may be a risky starter as a rookie, but his flaws are coachable.

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