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Scott Crichton Scouting Report

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Scott Crichton DE Oregon State #95
Ht: 6’3″
Wt: 273

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Size/Athleticism: Average height but relatively short arms. Athleticism is decent. He’s fairly explosive off the snap, but extended speed is modest. Shows great balance and agility when working through the junk in pursuit.

Run Defense: A hard hitter who forces fumbles. Strong wrap-up tackler. Short arms hurt his ability to make plays when lunging after the ball carrier in pursuit. Does a nice job keeping his eyes on the backfield and reacting appropriately. Quickly sheds blocks and takes off in pursuit when the the play is away from him. Struggles at the point of attack and can get swallowed up and throw off balance by more powerful offensive linemen. Lacks the elite lower body strength to hold his ground at the point of attack, and tends to get too high out of his stance further limiting his ability to hold his ground.

Pass Rush: Quick first step allows him to occasionally win with speed, especially when he can lower his shoulder force taller offensive linemen to lunge at him, throwing them off balance. Quick footwork and impressive agility in tight spaces allow him to evade linemen when he’s on the edge with some space to maneuver around them. Shows a decent bull-rush and can walk the linemen back into the pocket, but struggles to fully disengage once he’s locked up.

Versatility: Probably limited to play as a down lineman. If he does land in a 3-4 scheme, he could potentially play linebacker but dropping into coverage should be limited. He lacks the speed to cover much ground and certainly can’t stay with anyone in man coverage.

Intangibles: Praised by coaches as a team leader.

Durability: No known issues. Three-year starter.


Comments: Crichton is sort of a ‘tweener. He lacks the dominant strength to excel against the run and doesn’t have the elite athleticism to consistent win as an edge rusher. If he refines his technique he can develop into a quality well-rounded three-down lineman, but he definitely has bust potential and may struggle to make an impact early in his career.

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