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Louis Nix Scouting Report

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Louis Nix DT Notre Dame #1
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 331

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Size/Athleticism: A true space-eater, but has decent athleticism in short bursts. Strong enough to consistent take on double teams.

Run Defense: A massive run-stuffer who can plug holes and is tough to move off his spot. Struggles with balance at times and misses some opportunities to blow up a play in the backfield because he’s off balance and isn’t able to make a quick adjustment to get his hands on the ball carrier. Doesn’t make plays in pursuit due to limited athleticism but also a lack of effort. He seems to be content to plug holes and take up space and gives limited effort beyond that.

Pass Rush: Needs to be doubled teamed unless the play is designed for a quick pass or a rollout. He can be slowed by one interior lineman, but he will ultimately find a way to fight his way through and collapse the pocket if he isn’t double teamed. Does a nice job getting his arms up into passing lanes.

Intangibles: Lacks consistent effort and clearly takes plays off, especially late in games and on extended drives. Conditioning is an issue and he’s struggled with weight problems throughout his career. Extremely well liked by teammates. Very active on social media, which will turn off some teams and it has been reported that certain talent evaluators worry about his commitment to football.

Durability: Suffered a knee injury during national championship game in Jan. 2013. Knee bothered him throughout 2013 season and eventually underwent knee surgery in November.


Comments: Nix has obvious immediate value because there are only so many guys with his size capable of playing the game. But he will never be an every-down lineman due to conditioning issues, and it has the potential to get worse depending on how well he maintains his weight. He has been compared to B.J. Raji but he lacks that type of athleticism and upside. He’s more similar to Terrence Cody, a guy who can be effective in bursts but simply isn’t capable of staying on the field for an extended period of time.

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