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Timmy Jernigan Scouting Report

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Timmy Jernigan DT Florida State #8
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 299

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Size/Athleticism: Lacks ideal height, length and size. Doesn’t have the length and power to keep offensive linemen from getting into his chest and shutting him down. Doesn’t really look like an athlete. Clearly carries some extra weight that ideally would be converted into muscle.

Run Defense: Struggles at the point of attack due to his lack of elite size and strength. Does a decent job anchoring in one-on-one battles, but lacks the power to ploww through and blow up the play in the backfield. Decent speed and is capable of making some plays in pursuit. Shows the ability to disengage and chase after the ball carrier. Plays smart and seems to consistently keep an eye in the backfield to react to the ball carrier.

Pass Rush: Can be extremely explosive off the snap, but shows very inconsistent snap anticipation. Occasionally flies off the line and gets immediate penetration, but is often the last lineman to react. Impressive closing speed when he’s disengages and has a clean path to the quarterback. Plays out of control and times and loses balance. Has a tendency to get too upright and can be knocked back by a single punch from a powerful offensive lineman. Doesn’t show an array of pass-rush moves and relies heavily on winning with speed off the snap by shooting the gaps.

Intangibles: Conditioning may be an issue. Was noticeably winded and sat out significant portions of the second half of the National Championship Game. Younger than the average prospect, will be a 21-year-old rookie. Only 16 career starts.

Durability: Suffered torn MCL during spring workouts in 2012.


Comments: Jernigan is an impressive athlete and has potential to impact the game in a variety of ways, but he’s inexperienced and doesn’t have many polished skills which will immediately translate to the NFL. He has a reputation for being immature, and how he interviews could have a dramatic impact on where he goes in the draft. Given this reputation and the amount of refining he needs to do, he clearly falls into the boom-or-bust category.

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