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Tom Savage Scouting Report

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Tom Savage QB Pittsburgh #7
Ht: 6’4″
Wt: 228

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Size/Athleticism: Prototypical height and overall build. Strong enough to stand in the pocket and take a hit.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Elite arm strength which stands out above most of the other prospects in this class. Adequate accuracy on short and intermediate routes but loses his accuracy on the deep ball. Has a nice touch on his passes at all levels.

Footwork/Release: Strong overall fundamentals. Looks comfortable moving around the pocket. Climbs the pocket smoothly. Consistent balanced throwing motion. Transfers weight smoothly and cleanly. Adequate athleticism. Capable of

Decision making: Comfortable standing in the pocket. Patient letting the play develop. Doesn’t often force throws downfield and is willing to check down with its all the defense gives him. Might check down a little too often and could probably benefit from take a few more chances. Has a tendency to lock on to a receiver. Makes some poor decisions under pressure and needs to know when to simply hang on to the ball and take a sack.

Intangibles: Transferred from Rutgers to Arizona to Pittsburgh. Already 24 years old with very little experience. Made progress during senior year despite limited supporting cast.

Durability: Suffered a concussion in 2013. Also battled a rib injury during senior year.


Comments: Savage has obvious NFL tools but is still a developmental prospect. He played in 2009 at Rutgers but then barely saw the field until the 2013 season. He should not be viewed as a guy who can come in and start immediately, but it would be surprising if he doesn’t eventually find his way on to an NFL field. He definitely has starter potential and his success will be determined by how he develops the mental side of the game. All the physical tools are there, he simply needs to refine the decision-making process.

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