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Jameis Winston Scouting Report

Jameis Winston QB Florida State #5
Ht: 6’3″
Wt: 228


Size/Athleticism: Prototypical size and overall build. Well built and can take a hit. Tough to bring down and will escape would-be sacks. A moderate threat to make plays with his feet.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Prototypical arm strength. Accuracy is well above average for a college quarterback. Does an great job with timing throws, especially across the middle of the field. Displays great touch on his passes. Knows how to take something off or put a little something extra on to float the ball over defenders or squeeze it into tighter windows.

Footwork/Release: Footwork is consistent. Does a nice job setting his feet and throwing from a sturdy base. Release may be a bit extended.

Decision making: Does an exceptional job keeping his eyes downfield. Attacks the middle of the field as well as any quarterback in the college game in recent years, a testament to his ability to see the defense, rather than simply locking on to his receiver. Has a lot of faith in his receivers to make plays, and gives them opportunities on 50/50 balls—this paid off frequently with Kelvin Benjamin in 2013, but his completion rate on these throws noticeably dropped with a limited supporting cast in 2014. Handles pressure extremely well, moving within the pocket and rolling out when needed all while keeping his eyes downfield.

Intangibles: Accused of sexual assault, but charges were never pressed. Questionable circumstances surrounding the entire investigation will cause teams to look further into the situation on their own. Stole crab legs from a grocery store and was suspended from the baseball team and sentenced to community service hours. Suspended for shouting obscenities in the student union at Florida State in 2014.

Durability: No known issues. Has the frame to handle the physical toll of playing in the NFL.


Overview: Winston is a special prospect in terms of his physical tools, and an obvious candidate to go No. 1 overall. His combination of physical traits and decision making should allow him to play at a reasonably high level from the time he sets foot on an NFL field. However, questions about his maturity will play a major role in determining his draft stock. Any team drafting him in the top 10 needs to trust his willingness to commit to the game. If he isn’t committed to spending time in the film room, putting in extra hours of work with his receivers and coaches, then his physical talent won’t be enough.

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  • cbask

    Any doubts on the Mariota vs Winston should have been erased after the Rose Bowl.

    • Daniel v. Matterhorn

      I guess you think Mariota outplayed Winston. If this is what you think you have no idea what the NFL teams are looking for.

  • Andrew Colen

    My real question about Winston has how quick of a release does he have.

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