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Brett Hundley Scouting Report

Brett Hundley QB UCLA #17
Ht: 6’3″
Wt: 222


Size/Athleticism: Ideal height. Listed weight is adequate but he appears skinnier on the field. Have to wonder if this was actually his playing weight in college, and if not, durability may be a concern. Excellent mobility, but tends to tuck and run too soon.

Arm strength/Accuracy: Arm strength meets NFL requirements but is not elite. Does not have the arm to make up for his limited anticipation. Often throws late, and the lack of elite zip on his passes allows defensive backs to close in time. Accuracy is fairly strong (appears weaker at times due to poor anticipation). Capable of maintaining accuracy on the move. Throws from a slightly three-quarter angle.

Footwork/Release: Throws from a slightly three-quarter angle. Footwork is great when he’s given time but does get sloppy when pressured. Throws off his back foot too often.

Decision making: Does not see the field consistently. Often throws to a spot/receiver, and does not account for defenders in the area. Extremely late to see plays develop at times. Misses opens receivers because he does not see them as they’re breaking free, but only after they are free—by the time the ball is thrown, the window has often closed. Does not do a great job keeping his eyes downfield when he’s on the move and is very quick to tuck and run. Struggles to keep eyes downfield and see movement of pass-rushers—a common theme for him, as he struggles multitasking on the field. Very poor awareness in the pocket and many sacks are due to his ability to see and avoid defenders.

Intangibles: Has a reputation as a hard worker. Praised by coaching staff for the extra time he puts in.

Durability: No major issues.


Overview: Hundley has all the physical tools necessary to play at a high level in the NFL. But mentally, he is not ready. Staying for the 2014 season hurt his stock considerably, not because he regressed, but because his lack of development raised significant concerns about his ability to learn the mental side of the game. Hundley does not see the field. He has a one-track focus—if he’s watching his receiver, he’s not seeing the defense; or if his eyes are downfield in the pocket, he’s not seeing the pocket closing around him. With as much experience as he gained at UCLA, these should no longer be glaring flaws. For all his physical tools, he may simply lack the awareness to play at the next level.

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