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  • Maxx Tolkien

    Ted Thompson will not be drafting a TE in the 1st round. In 10 years of drafting, OL & QB are the only 2 Offensive positions he values that high. Which also means no RB or WR #1. Any and all mocksters who’ve been doing this for any length of time should have that figured out by now.The value will be a defensive player, maybe even CB IF one is left that has value @ # 30 over LB & DL. You can bank on that. I love Maxx Williams but he’s a 2nd round talent.


      Not many current drafters have TT spending a 1 or 2 on a tight end. As you say, it ain’t gonna happen. What may happen, though, is GB might get one of those edge rushers if still available at pick no. 30. I don’t know that TT drafts a character issue…unless the talent is top 10 and the character concern is overblown.

  • newguy68

    Huh? Cardinals are already impressed with Massie at RT. I can see them go for a Guard to increase their interior talent but another OT. Look for OLB/DE hyrbid or best player available.

  • Mugsy from Philly

    Agree with the Alabama Safety at pick #20, but no way Chip Kelly is interested in any quarterback other than Mariotta. He has too many holes to plug –Wide Receiver-O Line-Corner and an Edge Rusher since last yr’s #1 was a bust. The writer of this site certainly doesn’t live and die with the Iggles or he would know Chippy can find a Quarterback in Free Agency or the Draft next year.


    Packers will get an ILB, CB and NT in the draft. But, Ted Thompson won’t pass up a bargain if he sees another player ranked above a position of need, either.

  • Carl A Brodin

    Who cares about who the packers pick.

  • Michael Brock-Alexander

    The Niners need help in their secondary, but not at the expense of all other needs. Could ilve with Lattimore as the # 2 pick, but would rather get Carlos Henderson or Zay Jones at WR over Josh Jones at SS in the early 3rd.

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