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Marion Grice scouting report

Marion Grice RB Arizona State #1
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 207


Size/Athleticism: Adequate measurables and above-average athleticism. Capable of making guys miss in the open field. A decent receiver out of the backfield.

Vision: Vision is adequate but nothing special. He’s basically a one-cut runner. If he has room, he’ll make the first guy miss but doesn’t seem to consistently see the whole field. He maneuvers around the guys directly in front of him, but fails to see the play developing and where the holes will be opening/closing.

Power: Inside running ability falls well short of expectations based on his measurables. He doesn’t break tackles and doesn’t consistently push the pile. Once contact is made, you can bet on him going down almost immediately. The few missed tackles he forces are almost exclusively in the open field when he has the space to juke a defender. He lacks the ability (or maybe simply the desire) to be a short-yardage back.

Speed/Agility: Straight-line speed is adequate but he isn’t a serious home run threat. He has the quick footwork to makes some nice cuts and force missed tackles in the open field but he isn’t the type of shifty runner that can slip through tights holes at the line of scrimmage. His big runs are almost exclusively on the outside, or when hr runs untouched up the middle.

Passing Game: Contributes as a receiver out of the backfield. He runs crisp routes and knows how to get open in the flat as a check down option. He’ll drop some passes and struggles to go up and fight for the ball when challenged, but he shows potential to improve. He gives a decent effort in pass protection, but he’s very inconsistent with his technique. He does a poor job of staying low and using leverage to slow down pass-rushers and often gets easily tossed aside.

Intangibles: Junior college transfer with two years of experience at the D-I level. Starting running back in both years at Arizona State.

Durability: No known issues.


Comments: Grice has some potential as a third-down back but he lacks the power to be a feature back in the NFL. He has a nice combination of size and athleticism, but he plays like a guy who is 5’10”, 190 pounds rather than his actual measurables. In the short term, Grice is little more than a decent backup option but his potential to develop may elevate his stock slightly in the eyes of some teams.

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2nd Round Mock Draft

33. Jaguars – Tank Carradine – DE – Florida State – Scouting Report

34. 49ers – Jesse Williams – DT – Alabama – Scouting Report

35. Eagles – Margus Hunt – DE – SMU – Scouting Report

36. Lions – Jamar Taylor – CB – Boise State – Scouting Report

37. Bengals – Eddie Lacy – RB – Alabama – Scouting Report

38. Cardinals – Menelik Watson – OT – Florida State – Scouting Report

39. Jets – Ryan Nassib – QB – Syracuse – Scouting Report

40. Titans – Justin Hunter – WR – Tennessee – Scouting Report

41. Bills – Arthur Brown – LB – Kansas State – Scouting Report

42. Raiders – Geno Smith – QB – West Virginia – Scouting Report

43. Buccaneers – Zach Ertz – TE – Stanford – Scouting Report

44. Panthers – Johnthan Banks – CB – Mississippi State – Scouting Report

45. Chargers – Darius Slay – CB – Mississippi State – Scouting Report

46. Bills – Keenan Allen – WR – California – Scouting Report

47. Cowboys – D.J. Swearinger – FS – South Carolina – Scouting Report

48. Steelers – Jonathan Cyprien – SS – Florida State – Scouting Report

49. Giants – Kawann Short – DT – Purdue – Scouting Report

50. Bears – Kevin Minter – LB – LSU – Scouting Report

51. Redskins – Manti Te’o – LB – Notre Dame – Scouting Report

52. Patriots – Brian Winters – OG – Kent State – Scouting Report

53. Bengals – Johnathan Hankins – DT – Ohio State – Scouting Report

54. Dolphins – Blidi Wreh-Wilson – CB – Connecticut – Scouting Report

55. Packers – Montee Ball – RB – Wisconsin – Scouting Report

56. Seahawks – Terron Armstead – OT – Arkansas-Pine Bluff – Scouting Report

57. Texans – Matt Barkley – QB – USC – Scouting Report

58. Broncos – Johnathan Franklin – RB – UCLA – Scouting Report

59. Patriots – Cornelius Washington – LB – Georgia – Scouting Report

60. Falcons – Gavin Escobar – TE – San Diego State – Scouting Report

61. 49ers – Markus Wheaton – WR – Oregon State – Scouting Report

62. Ravens – Aaron Dobson – WR – Marshall – Scouting Report

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Jaguars select Luke Joeckel, Grade B

Joeckel was arguable the best player on the board, but was he the best for the Jaguars?

The Jaguars have a dominant left tackle in Eugene Monroe and a serious lack of a pass-rusher. In the short-term, this doesn’t help the Jaguars at all.

Monroe is a free agent at the end of the year, so I understand the thought process. But if you want Monroe, just sign him. Left tackles are worth paying. If they choose to let Monroe walk because they have Joeckel, this is basically a wasted pick.

Luke Joeckel Scouting Report

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Kansas City Chiefs select Eric Fisher, Grade: A-

It’s tough to get too excited about Eric Fisher as the No. 1 pick, but it’s a solid fit and fills a need. Fisher may start his career at right tackle if the Chiefs hang on to Branden Albert, but Fisher’s future is definitely on the left side.

When you consider what Alex Smith did behind a solid line and a great running game in San Francisco, this could help the Chiefs turn things around immediately.

Eric Fisher Scouting Report

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Final 2013 Mock Draft

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel – OT – Texas A&M – Scouting Report
I have no idea if the Chiefs prefer Joeckel or Fisher, but I’m sticking with Joeckel. Usually when an alternative pick starts to gain traction just prior to the draft, it stems those just looking for something different. But then again, this is going to be a crazy draft. Maybe it’ll start right at the top.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eric Fisher – OT – Central Michigan – Scouting Report
jaguars_newI’m pretty sure this will be Fisher or Joeckel, but the Jaguars had us all convinced they wanted Geno Smith at one point. And Dion Jordan. And a handful of others. They’ve been full of smoke screens, so many we all know nothing.

3. Oakland Raiders –  Sharrif Floyd – DT – Florida – Scouting Report
I’m feeling confident in this selection, even if the Raiders trade down. Floyd fits perfectly into their defensive line and he’s a solid value pick at any point in the top 10. 

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Lane Johnson – OT – Oklahoma – Scouting Report
The Eagles will take an offensive tackle, it will just depend on who is available. I assume it’s going to be Johnson, but if Fisher somehow fell they may prefer him.

5. Detroit Lions – Ezekiel Ansah – DE – BYU – Scouting Report
I really think the Lions want an offensive tackle, so a trade up is a possibility. But if they stay put the decision probably comes down to Ansah or Milliner.  

6. Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner – CB – Alabama – Scouting Report
The Browns want to trade down, but of all three tackles are gone already, the probably won’t have that option. If they use this pick, it will be either Ansah or Milliner – whoever Detroit passes on.  

7. Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Cooper – OG – North Carolina – Scouting Report
Supposedly the Cardinals are leaning towards and offensive lineman, and I think Cooper is the best fit. Warmack makes sense also, and a trade up for Johnson is another possibility.

8. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib – QB – Syracuse – Scouting Report
I’m not certain the Bills will take Nassib at No. 8, but I feel fairly confident that they want Nassib. And if they want him, they’re going to have to take him in the first round somewhere.  

9. New York Jets – Barkevious Mingo – LB – LSU – Scouting Report
This pick should be either Mingo or Jarvis Jones. Mingo seems like a better fit for Rex Ryan, so if he still has a say in the war room, Mingo is the guy.  

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack – OG – Alabama – Scouting Report
This is one of my most confident picks. Mike Munchak wants to upgrade the line for Chris Johnson, and the addition of Andy Levitre wasn’t enough. D.J. Fluker may also be an option.  

11. San Diego Chargers – D. J. Fluker – OT – Alabama – Scouting Report
The Chargers absolutely must come away with at least one immediate starter on the offensive line. If they pass on Fluker, they run the risk of not getting one. This is a reach in my opinion, but it’s a justifiable move for San Diego.

12. Miami Dolphins –  Star Lotulelei – DT – Utah – Scouting Report
I think the Dolphins are the team who lands the player that unexpectedly falls, and I’m betting on that being Lotulelei. It’s not a perfect fit, but he’s the best player on the board and they don’t have a glaring hole to fill with another prospect available.  

13. New York Jets –  Tyler Eifert – TE – Notre Dame – Scouting Report
This should be Eifert or Austin. I struggled with the pick, but ended up going with Eifert because I think he’s a safer pick. I also considered Geno Smith here.

14. Carolina Panthers –  Sheldon Richardson – DT – Missouri – Scouting Report
I’ve had this pick for a long time. Richardson is a perfect fit as a three-technique in Carolina’s defense. It will be tough to pass on him unless Lotulelei or Floyd fell.

15. New Orleans Saints –  Dion Jordan – DE/LB – Oregon – Scouting Report
Jordan falls further than most are expecting. Due to the tackles coming off the board early, there isn’t another obvious landing spot for Jordan.

16. St. Louis RamsTavon Austin – WR – West Virginia – Scouting Report
If Austin is here, the Rams will absolutely select him. And they may even trade up to ensure a shot at him.  

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones – LB – Georgia – Scouting Report 

I was tempted to give the Steelers Cordarrelle Patterson, but elected for Jones. He’s a solid fit in their 3-4 defense to help add some youth to the front seven.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Sylvester Williams – DT – North Carolina – Scouting Report
So many options for the Cowboys. Williams is a great fit in their new 4-3 defense. Kenny Vaccaro would also make a lot of sense.  

19. New York Giants – Desmond Trufant – CB – Washington – Scouting Report
This isn’t an obvious need, but the Giants tend to select either defensive linemen or defensive backs in the first round – especially when there’s great value.    

20. Chicago Bears – Alec Ogletree – LB – Georgia – Scouting Report
The Bears need to replace Brian Urlacher, and they need to do so with a coverage linebacker. Ogletree has character red flags, but the Bears should gamble on him.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Eric Reid – FS – LSU – Scouting Report
This is a reach, but it fits the Bengals perfectly. They love SEC players and they usually draft for need in the first round.  

22. St. Louis Rams – Kenny Vaccaro – FS – Texas – Scouting Repor
This pick could happen at No. 16 or No. 22. Vaccaro is a great fit a free safety in the Rams secondary.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Manti Te’o – LB – Notre Dame – Scouting Report
I don’t understand why Te’o is a first-round pick, but the overwhelming consensus is that he fits in somewhere. The Vikings need a linebacker and they like Notre Dame prospects.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Datone Jones – DE – UCLA – Scouting Report
This is a perfect fit for Chuck Pagano’s 3-4 defense. Jones is a hybrid player for their hybrid scheme.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Justin Hunter – WR – Tennessee – Scouting Report
I’m not very confident in this pick, but Justin Hunter is going in the first round so I had to fit him in somewhere. He’s risky, but has tons of upside.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Geno Smith – QB – West Virginia – Scouting Report
jaguars_newProjected trade – In 10 years, this is the first trade I’ve projected in my final mock draft. But I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to fit two quarterbacks into the first round. I’m not confident Jacksonville will be the team, but someone will move up for Smith.

27. Houston Texans – Cordarrelle Patterson – WR – Tennessee – Scouting Report
Andre Johnson wants help at receiver and the Texans will give it to him. Patterson is the most likely option, but DeAndre Hopkins is also a possibility.  

28. Denver Broncos – Tank Carradine – DE – Florida State – Scouting Report
Carradine has just one year of legitimate production and he’s coming off an injury. Those are two major red flags that could cause him to fall further, but I think his upside sneaks him into the first round.  

29. New England Patriots – D.J. Hayden – CB – Houston – Scouting Report
Teams are scared by Hayden’s injury, but I think he slips in somewhere. Belichick loves to gamble on prospects, and Hayden’s athleticism would fit well in the Patriots secondary.

30. Atlanta Falcons – Jamar Taylor – CB – Boise State – Scouting Report
Jamar Taylor is probably the least likely first round pick of everyone I have in the top 32, but he seems like a perfect fit for the Falcons. They want a physical, fearless corner, and Taylor is just that.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State – Scouting Report
The 49ers are tough to figure out because of all the trade rumors. If they stay put, I think they simply target the best available player. Rhodes could be that guy.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Arthur Brown – LB – Kansas State – Scouting Report
The Ravens need a coverage linebacker and Arthur Brown is one of the best. He’s undersized, but Ozzie Newsome evaluates talent, not measurables.


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