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Scouting Reports – 2014

Phillip Gaines Scouting Report

[divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] Phillip Gaines CB Rice #15 Ht: 6’0″ Wt: 193 40: 4.38 [divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] [level-2014-scouting-reports] Size/Athleticism: Adequate height. Slightly underdeveloped frame and could add some weight. Long arms for his size. Ideal speed and agility. Can turn and run with any receiver and has the quick-twitch athleticism to stay with the quicker receivers […]

Stanley Jean-Baptiste Scouting Report

[divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska #16 Ht: 6’3″ Wt: 218 40: 4.61 [divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] [level-2014-scouting-reports] Size/Athleticism: Elite height and overall size. Good athleticism for his size, but borderline for the position. Not really a quick-twitch athlete and will struggle with elite athletes at receiver. A former receiver. Similar physical traits to Richard Sherman. […]

Marcus Roberson Scouting Report

[divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] Marcus Roberson CB Florida #5 Ht: 6’0″ Wt: 191 40: 4.60 [divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] [level-2014-scouting-reports] Size/Athleticism: Adequate height and overall build. A quick-twitch athlete who can run with most receivers. Short arms. Played much faster than his timed speed. Experienced returning punts. Coverage: Elite athleticism and can run with any receiver. Frequently plays up […]

Lamarcus Joyner Scouting Report

[divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] Lamarcus Joyner CB Florida State #20 Ht: 5’8″ Wt: 184 [divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] [level-2014-scouting-reports] Size/Athleticism: Undersized but plays bigger. Does not shy away from contact and will dive right into the mix at the line of scrimmage. A hard hitter who can knock the ball loose. Coverage: Bounced between safety and corner and played […]

Bradley Roby Scouting Report

[divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] Bradley Roby CB Ohio State #1 Ht: 5’11” Wt: 194 [divider top=”0″ style=”solid”] [level-2014-scouting-reports] Size/Athleticism: Elite speed. A great all around athlete with good body control and balance. Coverage: Prototypical man coverage cornerback. Can turn and run with anyone and has the quick footwork to play up at the line of scrimmage and mirror […]

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