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NFL Draft Visit Tracker

In the weeks leading up to the draft, each team is permitted to invite 30 draft-eligible prospects to their team facilities for a “visit” (not a workout). During these visits teams conduct interviews and often will conduct medical examinations as well. Additionally, teams are permitted to host “workouts” for any players who attended college or live in the greater metro area of the team’s facilities [e.g. the Bengals can workout any player who attended Cincinnati or who lives in Cincinnati, even if he attended another school]. Players who receive the most visit invitations are often those with some type of off-field concern (character or medical)

This list also includes draft workouts, which occur when a member of the organization visits the player, usually on his college campus, and puts him through a workout. These are private workouts, separate from the player’s pro day.

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  • Ron

    Any updates? 30 visits per team, most teams are well into the 20’s. Thanks.

    • ryanmccrystal

      We’re updating almost daily.. reason why some teams are listed with more than others is due to restrictions they place on prospects talking about their visits. Some teams much more open than others.

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