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Jake Long
Offensive Tackle
Bill Parcells did all of us predicting the draft a big favor on Tuesday by locking up Jake Long. By this point, we all saw it coming, but its somewhat of a surprising choice. Parcells hadn't selected an offensive player in the first round since Terry Glenn, back when he was with the Patriots. Of course, Parcells is now 2 for 2 selecting offensive guys with the first pick (Bledsoe).
Glenn Dorsey
Defensive Tackle
For the second year in a row the Rams appear to be targeting a defensive tackle. Its an interesting strategy, but one that could pay off against the generally run-first offenses in the NFC. Last year's first rounder, Adam Carriker, has reportedly beefed up to well over 300 pounds and will handle the nose tackle position while the smaller, more athletic Dorsey lines up next to him.
Matt Ryan
This is the worst case scenario for the Falcons, and they may very well trade down because of it. Jake Long topped their draft board, and Dorsey followed. Ryan is apparently third, but they aren't crazy about taking a chance on him with the third pick. Unfortunately no one appears to be interested in a trade. Their only hope may be the Jets moving up for McFadden.
Darren McFadden
Running Back
Anyone following the draft in recent years knows that Al Davis has a soft spot for freak athletes. McFadden more than fits the bill this year and should be an easy choice the Raiders with the fourth selection. If the Jets move up for McFadden, the Raiders won't be too disappointed about having to select Vernon Gholston, who was equally as impressive this offseason.
Chris Long
Defensive End
The trade of Jared Allen to the Vikings opens up a major hole at defensive end for the Chiefs. Fortunately there may not be a player better suited to fill his shoes than Long. He is a near clone of Allen physically and has the potential to step right in and have an impact. If Long is off the board the Chiefs will try to trade back, but may settle for an offensive lineman here.
Vernon Gholston
Defensive End
Ohio State
Despite the rumors that the Jets are considering making a play at Matt Ryan, the only three guys they're really looking at are Gholston, McFadden and Long. McFadden appears to be the top guy on their board, but they'll settle for Gholston. He's a perfect fit at outside linebacker in their 3-4 defense and could be an instant impact player in their system.
Keith Rivers
At this point it appears to be a 50/50 chance that the Patriots will trade this selection. With Sedrick Ellis still on the board it is very possible that the Saints leapfrog the Bengals and Ravens in an effort to land the defensive tackle they so desperately need. If the Pats stay put (or even if the move down a couple spots) Rivers should be their guy. He's a good fit at ILB in their system.
Leodis McKelvin
There is no general consensus as the the top cornerback in this years draft, but the Ravens seem to be leaning this direction. Sedrick Ellis is certainly an option and has much better value at the 8th pick, but in terms of needs McKelvin should be the choice. It's also very possible the Ravens trade down the Saints, and end up selecting McKelvin with the 10th pick.
Sedrick Ellis
Defensive Tackle
It doesn't get any better than this for the Bengals. They may have to out-bid the Saints to move up to select Ellis, but he is definitely their target here. The Bengals absolutely must upgrade their front seven with their first few picks and Ellis would be a phenomenal start. He's an instant starter for them, and could immediately help to solidify their horrid run defense.
D. Rodgers-Cromartie
With Rivers and Ellis off the board the Saints are left in a very difficult position. Their first priority will be find a trade partner, if that doesn't work they could be stuck reaching for a cornerback. It appears as though DRC is the best available corner and would fit will in their secondary. They don't have a corner over 6'0 on their roster, so the 6'2 DRC would be a nice addition.
Devin Thomas
Wide Receiver
Michigan St
This would easily be the biggest reach of the first round if the draft plays out like this. Thomas has no business being in the top 15, but the Bills are dead set on getting a tall receiver to team with the smaller Lee Evans. Trent Edwards will welcome the help, but Thomas has just one year as a full time starter under his belt. Don't expect him to be an instant impact player.
Chris Williams
Offensive Tackle
Ryan Harris is not the answer at left tackle for the Broncos, and they'll be looking for a replacement here. Its difficult to distinguish between Williams, Albert and Otah, but in the Broncos system Williams should be the obvious choice. The Broncos like more athletic lineman, and Williams clearly fits that mold better than Otah or Albert who are better suited for right tackle.
Branden Albert
Offensive Guard
The Panthers are in an excellent position here. Choosing between Albert and Otah is the worst case scenario, but certainly not a terrible one. Albert gets the nod over Otah because of his versatility, although he'll likely end up at right tackle in Carolina. (Something to keep in mind, if Matt Ryan has a Brady Quinn-like draft day, this is where he'll land).
Jeff Otah
Offensive Tackle
This might be the best case scenario for the Bears. They'll certainly entertain the idea of selecting Mendenhall, but that's a tough sell to take another running back in the first round when Cedric Benson only has one year as a starter under his belt. Otah is perfect fit for the Bears. He's a big, tough lineman that will fit nicely as an instant starter at right tackle.
Rashard Mendenhall
Running Back
The Lions are still run by Matt Miller, so you can't rule out Malcolm Kelly here. However, if his head is screwed on straight this year the pick will be Mendenhall. He's a big, tough running back with top end speed and could be the franchise back they thought they landed in '04 with Kevin Jones. Their other options are Derrick Harvey or possibly Jerod Mayo
Jonathan Stewart
Running Back
The Cardinals would love a cornerback, but there just doesn't seem to be any value at the position here. Stewart is probably the safer pick, as well as the guy that will make the bigger immediate impact. Edgerrin James is wearing down, but if he can split the carries with Stewart he just might regain his old form. They are another team that could also reach for Jerod Mayo.
Ryan Clady
Offensive Tackle
Boise State
For a long time I was predicting the Chiefs reach for Clady at the 5th pick; now they could land him here. This is clearly an ideal scenario for the Chiefs and they would likely waste no time selecting Clady, Albert, Williams or Otah - whichever lineman is still on the board. Of course that assumes the 5th pick isn't used on one of them.
Derrick Harvey
Defensive End
This is a less than ideal scenario for the Texans, as offensive line figures to be their biggest need. However, they could get a steal here in Derrick Harvey. Defensive line isn't considered much of a need given how well Mario Williams performed in his sophomore season, but on the opposite site Anthony Weaver failed to record a single sack in 2007.
Phillip Merling
Defensive End
This is a tough choice for the Eagles. The obvious need is wide receiver, but Andy Reid has no intention of selecting one in the first round. The next biggest need is defensive end, but are they willing to take a risk on Merling, who just underwent surgery for a sports hernia? With no one else jumping out as an obvious choice, the Eagles should take the risk.
DeSean Jackson
Wide Receiver
The Bucs need a young receiver and DeSean Jackson would almost make too much sense. Rumors are the Bucs love Jackson and it appears they'll make him their first overall selection if he's available. If Jackson is gone, don't be surprised if they pass over the other receivers and go for a cornerback, possibly Aqib Talib or Mike Jenkins.
Limas Sweed
Wide Receiver
The Redskins are a tough team to figure out. Their biggest need is a defensive end, but will they reach slightly for someone like Calais Campbell. They could also consider Kenny Phillips. I'm betting Daniel Snyder has the 'Skins targeting a big receiver. Devin Thomas would be their guy, but with him off the board they'll settle for Sweed.
Felix Jones
Running Back
The Cowboys have no glaring needs, but a backup running back would be a nice addition. Barber is powerful running back but he's never had to carry the load. The Cowboys can't afford to put Barber in a position to fail. Jones is a similar running back to Julius Jones only more explosive, and a dangerous return specialist as well.
Gosder Cherilus
Offensive Tackle
The Steelers are a smart organization that has long focused their attention in the draft to the offensive and defensive lines. This year should be no different. Its a tough call between Cherilus and Kentwan Balmer, but in the end the hole left by Alan Faneca is just too larger. Cherilus has the potential to move to guard, or could step in at right tackle.
Kentwan Balmer
Defensive Tackle
Sorry Titans fans (and Vince Young), doesn't look like you're getting a receiver here. In fact, it may be more likely you get a running back. The Titans are putting a concerted effort into scouting defensive lineman and running backs and appear to be leaning that direction with this pick. Albert Haynesworth has lobbied for some help, and the Titans are listening.
Dustin Keller
Tight End
I'm certainly not crazy about taking Keller, a workout warrior, this high but it appears to be a likely scenario. The Seahawks window of opportunity may be closing with many of their cornerstones (Hasselbeck, Jones, Kerney) getting up their in age. Keller could be the added dimension to their passing game they've been looking for.
Calais Campbell
Defensive End
Miami FL
If Campbell is on the board it will be very difficult for the Jaguars to pass on him. Reggie Hayward and Paul Spicer leave a lot to be desired at the defensive end position. The Jags' weak pass rush from their ends has been masked by their dominant tackles, but the loss of Marcus Stroud is a big one. Campbell is the perfect fit in Jacksonville.
Jerod Mayo
The loss of Michael Turner creates a need at running back, but with Mayo still on the board the Chargers will have to wait to find LT's new backup. Mayo has the size, speed and athleticism to play inside linebacker in the Chargers 3-4 defense. He could steal a starting job away from Stephen Cooper or Matt Wilhelm.
Mike Jenkins
S. Florida
Even with the pending addition of Pacman Jones, the Cowboys are interested in adding a cornerback early in the draft. The reason being, you just don't know what you're going to get from Pacman at this point. Jenkins, Talib, DRC and McKelvin are all on the Cowboys radar screen and whoever falls could be the pick here.
Quentin Groves
Outside Linebacker
What a perfect scenario for the Niners. Groves and Malcolm Kelly are both on the board and both would be perfect fits in San Francisco. While they would certainly settle for Kelly, Groves is too good to pass up. Groves, Manny Lawson and Patrick Willis would give the Niners a very impressive young trio of linebackers.
Brandon Flowers
While Al Harris and Charles Woodson are bigger names than most teams have in their secondary, they are past their prime and quickly going down hill. Basically, if this pick isn't a cornerback it will shock everyone. Despite lacking size, Flowers is a tough, physical cornerback. The type of player fans will appreciate in Green Bay.
Kenny Phillips
Miami FL
The Giants are always a tough team to predict, as they hold their cards tight. However, this pick would make too much sense. James Butler has the strong safety position locked up, but they would gladly take Phillips to compete with Sammy Knight for the starting free safety job. If he's gone, Mayo and Cherilus are the other top guys on their board.
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