David Wilson

David Wilson benched after fumble

New York Giants 1st-round pick David Wilson fumbled on his second career carry midway through the 1st quarter, and was promptly benched. The Giants handed the ball off to Wilson on two of their first five running plays, but Wilson didn’t touch the ball for the remainder of the 1st half.

Wilson struggled with ball security throughout his brief college career, so his fumble comes as no surprise. But it’s definitely a rough start to his pro career.

While the Giants clearly shied away from giving him more carries, Tom Coughlin and his staff don’t have many other options. Ahmad Bradshaw has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career, so they need Wilson to share the workload in order to keep Bradshaw fresh.

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Rookie Preview: New York Giants

David Wilson – The New York Giants 1st-round pick will begin the season as Ahmad Bradshaw’s backup but should see significant playing time. Under Tom Coughlin, the Giants have consistently used a two and even three man rotation at running back, leaving plenty of carries for Wilson in the backup role.

Rueben Randle – The 2nd-round pick likely won’t see much action early due to the crowded depth chart. He’ll likely start the year as the 5th or 6th option at receiver.

Adrien Robinson – The 4th-round pick starts the year as the third tight end behind and Martellus Bennett and Bear Pascoe.

Markus Kuhn – Kuhn was one of four defensive tackles to make the 53-man roster, which means he should see a fair amount of playing time as part of their rotation. He’s a bit of a developmental prospect though, so they may pick and chose the right spots to play him.

Jayron Hosley – Hosley competed for the nickel corner job during the preseason but appears to have lost out. He’ll start the season primarily playing on special teams and could return a few punts.

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David Wilson getting 1st-team reps with Giants

New York Giants 1st-round pick David Wilson received first-team reps at practice on Monday according to the Star Ledger. Tom Coughlin reportedly said this was a planned move for Monday’s practice, but Mike Garafolo notes the move came on the heels of a poor performance by D.J. Ware in the Giants preseason game over the weekend.

The Giants have been easing Wilson into a larger role, but this recent move could mean they’re planning to use Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw as their two workhorse running backs.

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Draft Grades: New York Giants

With so few holes, I expected the New York Giants to simply target the best available player – a strategy which Jerry Reese has used frequently in the past – but he strayed from his typical approach and it may come back to haunt him down the road.

David Wilson was a reach, and there’s really no way to sugar coat that. The fact that Reese would reach for Wilson raises a serious question: is Ahmad Bradshaw healthy? If so, the selection makes little sense. But if they’re legitimately worried about Bradshaw’s ability to stay on the field in 2012, the pick is justifiable. Since the motivation behind the pick is a bit of an unknown, I’ll have to factor that into the grade and give Reese the benefit of the doubt.

The selection of Rueben Randle is more in line with the Giants typical draft strategy. He was among the top available players on the board and will help fill the void left by the departure of Mario Manningham. He’s a developmental prospect but should be able to provide some help as a third or fourth option at receiver this year.

Jayron Hosley fell due to character concerns, but was probably worth the gamble in the late 3rd round. He likely won’t see the the field much given the Giants crowded secondary, but he was a solid investment at that point in the draft.

Adrien Robinson was a hot name this offseason and a late riser up the draft boards. He’s a good fit for the Giants, who like their tight ends to be strong blockers. He was likely drafted as insurance behind Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, who are both coming off injuries.

Brandon Mosley and Matt McCants add some much-needed depth to the Giants offensive line. Neither has much upside, but they both have the ability to play multiple positions along the line and have long careers as backup linemen.

Markus Kuhn will become one of the few players born in Germany to play in the NFL. He’s a good athlete for his size and is an interesting developmental prospect. However, the Giants depth chart is crowded at defensive tackle and he may struggle to make the final roster cut.

I’m having a hard time grading the Giants draft without knowing what prompted the selection of David Wilson. If they’re worried about Bradshaw, it makes sense. But if they panicked once Doug Martin was snatched out from under them by the Bucs, it’s a poor decision. Given Reese’s draft history, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this was definitely not his strongest draft class.

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David Wilson scouting report

David Wilson RB Virginia Tech #4
Ht: 5’10”

Wt: 205

Well built for his size. Surprisingly tough to bring down. Great vision; does a nice job squeezing through tight holes between the tackles. Quick feet and impressive athletic ability; tough for defenders to tee him up for a big hit. Experienced as a receiver out of the backfield; good hands. Has experience returning kickoffs. Steady production throughout his career.
Slightly undersized; may struggle with a feature back workload at the next level. Sometimes tries to do too much; needs to be more decisive – pick a hole and hit it hard. Generally ineffective as a blocker; can slow some guys down, but doesn’t stonewall anyone and will occasionally completely whiff. Yards-per-attempt average is somewhat misleading; he’ll rip off a 12 yard run, then get stuffed in the backfield on the next play – isn’t consistently picking up 5 yards per touch.
Wilson definitely has the skill set to be an effective third-down back at the next level, and may be able to play a more significant role in the right system. I would hesitate to bring him aboard with the intent of making him a feature back, but he could be effective in a two-back system in which he gets 10-15 carries per game.
2011 vs Wake Forest
2011 vs Clemson 
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