Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan Scouting Report

Taylor Lewan OT Michigan #77
Ht: 6’7″
Wt: 309


Size/Athleticism: Prototypical height. Arm length is only average but shouldn’t be a concern. Shows quick footwork on the line and moves very well when getting to the second level. Has experience at left and right tackle—primarily played on the left side, but would occasionally rotate to the right for certain plays/matchups.

Pass Protection: Swallows up defenders once he get his hands on them. Rarely gives up ground once he’s fully engaged with a pass-rusher. Strong lower body allows him to anchor against bull rushers. Quick off the snap and does a nice job sliding outside to stay with faster edge-rushers. Does tend to lunge at edge-rushers when they get a step on him and will fall off balance occasionally.

Run Blocking: Powerful run blocker who, at worst, holds his ground and is often capable of driving his assignment back to create gaping holes. Impressive mobility for his size. He moves smoothly to the second level, quickly diagnosing his assignment and taking efficient angles to get there. Explodes off the snap and gives a quick, powerful initial punch. Great footwork when working to slide over to see seal an edge.

Intangibles: Character needs to be investigated by teams. Arrested for his role in an altercations after the 2013 Ohio State game. Also allegedly threatened to rape a girl who had accused teammate Brendan Gibbons of raping her. Public reports certainly shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but with multiple accusations against a player, teams will dig deep to learn as much as they can about his personality and character.

Durability: Four year starter with no significant injury concerns.


Comments: Lewan’s character concerns need to be looked into, but from a talent standpoint he’s close to a can’t miss prospect. In pass protection, once he locks onto a defender, it’s over. And he’s strong enough to consistently clear space in the run game and finish off his blocks. He has the prototypical blend of size and athleticism and should be a quality starter from day one.

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Taylor Lewan scouting report

Taylor Lewan OT Michigan #77
Ht: 6’8″
Wt: 309

Size/Athleticism: Impressive height and long arms. Elite athlete for the position. Has the quick footwork necessary to handle elite speed rushers at the next level. Fast enough to get downfield and make some plays at the second level. At times he almost looks like an oversized tight end the way he moves, getting to the second level and when pulling.

Pass Protection: Quickness is his best asset in pass pro. Very quick off the snap and can easily slide outside to slow down edge rushers. Limited strength makes him a liability against bull rushers. He lacks the elite upper body strength to consistently handle more physical players. His height adds to his struggles, as shorter, stronger linemen are able to use good leverage to force him into the backfield. Needs to consistently stay low and fight the urge to play more upright. Has improved in this area, but definitely still needs work to reach an elite level.

Run Blocking: Does a better job staying low as a run blocker. Explodes off the snap and uses his momentum to drive defenders back. More physical in the run game than you might expect from a guy who’s more of a finesse pass blocker. Fights hard to the whistle. Often pulls on traps and sweeps and his athleticism makes him a dangerous weapon on these plays – he has the ability to get into position quickly and can adjust to the pass rusher even when matched up with more athletic linebackers.

Intangibles: Dad played offensive line at Minnesota. Struggled with penalties early in his career but has developed into an intelligent football player. Well liked and respected by teammates and coaches. Regarded as a hard worker and a team leader.

Durability: No significant issues.

Comments: Lewan is still developing, but has all the physical attributes necessary to be an elite left tackle at the next level. He would probably benefit from adding some weight to improve his ability to anchor against the more physical pass rushers he’ll see at the next level, but he clearly has the frame to do so and will likely improve in this area with the help of an NFL coaching staff.

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