Anthony Spencer
Defensive End
The Raiders obviously have more needs on the offensive side of the ball, but if Spencer is still on the board after the first round is complete he could be a very attractive option. Warren Sapp is really the Raiders only true playmaker on their defensive line, and the if Spencer can provide a pass rusher this will be a playoff caliber defensive unit in '07.
John Beck
There has been plenty of talk surrounded who will be the number three quarterback off the board, and I think there's three or four guys that could fall into that slot depending on which team pulls the trigger. Beck fits will into what Mike Martz looks for in a quarterback and he is in the perfect situation to learn behind Jon Kitna in Detroit.
Ryan Kalil
John Wade is an adequate center for the Bucs, but he's 32 year old and they're trying to add some youth to an aging offensive line. If they're content with Wade for the time being, Kalil is versatile enough to provide depth at guard as well. The Bucs may also consider a defensive end like Anthony Spencer here, depending on what happens in the first round.
Chris Houston
The Browns are desperately in need of a cornerback to start opposite Leigh Bodden and if Houston falls out of the first round I don't see how they could pass him. Even if he is off the board, guys like Tanard Jackson and Eric Wright should be considered. The Browns may also want to add an offensive lineman here like Tony Ugoh.
Justin Blalock
Offensive Guard
The Bears will strongly consider Blalock and Ben Grubbs in the first round, but they may actually be better off waiting because one of them is likely to slip to the 37th pick. In the event that they're both off the board the Bears may look to add a linebacker as an eventually replacement for Lance Briggs who could be traded on draft day.
Jarvis Moss
Defensive End
The Cardinals need to generate a more consistent pass rusher if their defensive is going to be of playoff caliber in 2007. They could get a real steal here if Moss falls out of the first round. The Cardinals are also considering a switch to the 3-4 defense, in which Moss would be a contender to switch to outside linebacker.
Anthony Gonzalez
Wide Receiver
Ohio State
The Falcons need to give Michael Vick a more reliable target, and Joe Horn is only going to take them so far. Gonzalez isn't a number one type receiver, but he is as reliable as they come and would make an excellent addition in Atlanta. The Falcons may also consider a defensive tackle like Tank Tyler or Quinn Pitcock here.
Tanard Jackson
The depth in the Dolphins secondary is atrocious and it would be a huge mistake if they let the a slew of qualified cornerback slip past them here. Jackson, Eric Wright, Daymeion Hughes, Josh Wilson, Marcus McCauley - one of them needs to end up in a Dolphins uniform. The only way they pass on one is if a guy like Dwayne Jarrett falls.
Steve Smith
Wide Receiver
This would be a fairly long way for Smith to fall and if he is on the board I can't imagine the Vikings passing on him. They're willing to admit that Troy Williamson is a bust and now they just want to move forward. Smith may never be a number one receiver, but he certainly has the ability to contribute right away in the right situation.
Turk McBride
Defensive Tackle
The 49ers need to add a defensive lineman at some point early in this draft. Unfortunately finding a a nose tackle isn't going to be easy. They may have to settle for selecting an athletic tackle like McBride and shifting him to defensive end in hopes that he becomes Bryant Young's eventual replacement. The Niners are also considering a receiver here.
Antonio Pittman
Running Back
Ohio State
The Bills can't feel comfortable about heading into the 2007 season with Anthony Thomas as their starting running back. If they pass on Marshawn Lynch in the first round, which seems likely, Pittman could be their target in the second round. If they pass on a running back again they could be looking for a linebacker or a defensive end here.
Tony Ugoh
Offensive Tackle
The Falcons have a solid, but overachieving offensive line. Wayne Gandy has done a nice job, but he is getting up their in age and it would be difficult for the Falcons to pass on Ugoh here, especially since they have two second round picks and can afford to spend one on more of a developmental prospect like Ugoh.
Zach Miller
Tight End
Arizona St.
The Panthers are one of the deepest teams in the league, which makes mock drafting for them very difficult. The only noticeable hole at this point (assuming they land a safety in round one) is tight end, and Miller would have tremendous value here. However, don't rule out them landing a developmental guy, possibly even Trent Edwards.
Eric Wright
The Steelers need depth in their secondary and they really aren't even all too pleased with the job that their starters have been doing. They would love to land a guy of Wright's talent, the only question is are they convinced that his character issues are a thing of the past. They may also consider an offensive lineman here.
Eric Weddle
The Packers secondary is one of the major concerns on this team and Weddle would be a perfect fit in Green Bay. His versatility raises his value considerably, but for the Packers his best fit will be at safety. Ted Thompson could also look into a defensive tackle with this pick, or even another target for Brett Favre.
Justin Durant
The Jaguars defense has been dominant at times the past two season, but they lack the quality linebacker that they can rely on week in and week out. Durant is somewhat of a project, but his stock has steadily risen this offseason due to his tremendous athletic ability. The Jaguars may also make a surprise pick here and select a quarterback.
Marcus McCauley
Fresno St.
The Bengals could get a real steal here if McCauley falls all the way to number 49. At one point early in the season he was a possible top ten pick, but a rough senior year caused his stock to fall. He still has value as a second round pick, although he may need a year or two to fully develop. The Bengals will also be considering a defensive lineman here.
LaMarr Woodley
Defensive End
The Titans pass rush hasn't quite been the same since Javon Kearse bolted for Philly and former Pro Bowler Kyle Vanden Bosch is on the downside of his career. Woodley's stock never really took off like I expected it to, but he certainly has the ability to be a dominant pass rusher in this league if he is placed in the right situation.
James Marten
Offensive Tackle
The Giants have a huge hole at left tackle since they let Luke Petitgout go and Marten could be the guy to replace him. This is a little earlier than most have Marten targeted, but if the Giants feel that he can be a starter in this league they have to take him here. They may also consider a cornerback or defensive tackle here.
Tim Crowder
Defensive End
The Rams already addressed their need at defensive end with the addition of James Hall this offseason, but Hall doesn't provide the pass rush that the Rams were looking for. Crowder may not be an every down player at first, but in passing situations he could be a valuable addition as a pass rush specialist.
Ikaika Alama-Francis
Defensive End
The Cowboys defense fell apart when Greg Ellis went down with an injury and they don't what to befall that fate again. Alama-Francis is a project, but Wade Phillips has experience developing this type of outside linebacker for a 3-4 defense and this could be his next project. The Cowboys may also consider a cornerback here.
Brian Leonard
The Chiefs lost fullback Tony Richardson a season ago, and while it didn't have a noticeable effect on their running attack they would like to find a new fullback in this draft. Leonard may be the perfect fit because he can actually take some of the carries away from Larry Johnson as well, and the Chiefs said they plan on lightening his load.
Josh Beekman
Offensive Guard
The Seahawks noticeably missed Steve Hutchinson this past season, and whole no second round pick is going to replace him right away, they have to give take a chance. Beekman has the size to be a nice addition next to Walter Jones. The 'Hawks may also look for a defensive tackle here since Marcus Tubbs has essentially been a complete bust.
Charles Johnson
Defensive End
There was a point in time when I thought Johnson could be the Broncos first round pick, but his stock has fallen much like teammate Quentin Moses'. However, I believe Johnson still has a good value this late in the second round and the Broncos may have to select two defensive lineman in the first two rounds if he is still on the board.
Arron Sears
Offensive Tackle
The Jets have some bigger needs at this point, but this late in the second round selection are made almost solely on value rather than to fill major holes. Sears is a versatile lineman that can provide depth for the Jets at both guard and tackle and he may actually end up push Anthony Clement for the starting right tackle position.
Trent Edwards
By no means are the Eagles giving up on Donovan McNabb, but if Edwards is still on the board he has tremendous value here and could wind up in Philly. Even if they don't go with a quarterback here, I expect the Eagles to land one fairly early in the draft, possibly a guy like Troy Smith in the third or fourth round.
Craig Davis
Wide Receiver
If the Saints are to continue to play at the level at which they did in 2006 they need to make sure Drew Brees has the targets necessary to put up big numbers once again. Davis isn't an elite receiver by any means, but he is reliable and should be a nice fit as the Saints second or third receiver along with Marques Colston and Devery Henderson.
Drew Stanton
Michigan St.
At the beginning of this season it looked like Stanton was a lock as a first round pick, so in that respect this has to be a disappointment. Although when you look at his up and down career at Michigan State, maybe this is a generous place for him to land. Either way, Miami has to land a quarterback at some point on draft day.
Quentin Moses
Defensive End
The Ravens are probably the perfect fit for Moses because he won't have high expectations, which is probably a good thing considering how far his stock has fallen. They're set to use Jarrett Johnson as Adalius Thomas' replacement, but if Moses ever regains the form of his junior year he could be a dangerous outside linebacker in their system.
Brandon Siler
This may not be the best value for the Chargers here, but the have a huge hole at middle linebacker left by the departure of Donnie Edwards and Randall Godfrey. The Chargers may also consider a safety here, but the depth at that position in this draft class just isn't great and they may be better off waiting until the third round or later.
Josh Wilson
The Jets would love to land a first round cornerback, but if Greg Olsen is on the board he is going to be tough to pass up. Wilson is a short, but surprisingly physical cornerback that has good value in the late second round. He may never be an elite shut down corner, but he certainly can start for the Jets, possibly right off the bat as a rookie.
Chris Henry
Running Back
Running back is a position that hasn't really been talked about for the Bucs, but anyone who saw Cadillac Williams last year knows he wasn't the same running back as the guy the Bucs drafted from Auburn. Williams simply doesn't look like he can carry the load, but he can still be very effective if he can split carries with a guy like Henry.

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